Boosting the Marketing: Instagram the new age market

Born in 2010, Instagram crawled into society and became a sensation over the years. The Millennials and the Alpha generation are more than active on the platform; they are constantly engaged, resulting in over one billion monthly users. Be it for entertainment or business, Instagram is providing us with all. In a day, more than 500 stories are being posted with more than 130 million users only from The US.

After Facebook, Instagram is the second most accessed network, with an average daily browsing period of 53 minutes.

Instagram was created with a difference and now is making a difference. It is not only used for entertainment but is expanding the periphery of Business and Marketing. Instagram gives a vast network to grow and develop brand awareness by introducing new products to a diverse network of active users around the globe. 

Instagram has become the best marketing place for small businesses, providing them with the platform to grow their brand by creating a customer base and satisfaction. It gives them a direct audience to strike and connect to a large number of customers at the same time. Digital marketing is taking over the traditional market method and is reliable simultaneously.

About 90% of Instagram users at least follow anyone’s business account and report positive views about the purchase. Therefore, Instagram helps in discovering new things. Furthermore, it allows the users to compare and choose; as a result, it gives a better perspective to small businesses by concentrating on interested customers. 

Instagram is growing daily and glowing with the blooming Small businesses marketing.

Instagram is fascinating and helps digital marketing in the following ways:

  • It provides a broad spectrum of audiences to focus on.
  • It gives access to develop our brand and customer service.
  • It provides us with three platforms to showcase our products, viz.,  

# Pictures 
# Reels

  • A Business can grow its brand name and fame by constantly posting media that can attract customers. 
  • The Direct Messaging service makes the conversation more straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Instagram provides the option to switch an account to a Business one and thus helps it to connect with other businesses of its genre and the type of customers to attract.
  • Instagram is now the breeding ground of small businesses as every 7 out of 10 accounts are for business purposes.

Instagram is ideally taking over the traditional marketing perspective and the regular small businesses agenda. People are very supportive and accept these changes with open arms.

Every other Instagrammer has the experience of online shopping and shipping via Instagram and is happy with the services. 

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