BTA provides you a variety of courses that are specially curated to upgrade your skills in the field of Social Media Marketing. Learn more about the courses and enroll as per your requirement.

We at BTA are waiting for you all to join our venture and become a part of our institution. You can separately buy the course but if you want to take the entire course, we have a special discount for you all.

The entire course estimates around Rs. 92,000 but as an early bird you can avail the course at whooping Rs. 60,000 Rs. 25000 only.

Marketing and its fundamental Rules

Join BTA and learn more about Marketing and its fundamentals rules.
Rs. 1999/-

Website Planning and Creation

Crack the code of Website Planning and Creation.
Rs. 25000/-

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the basic marketing strategy and is a must to master.
Rs. 14999/-

Lead Generation For Business

Learn the art of Lead Generation for Business and excel your career.
Rs. 5999/-

PPC Advertising Google AdWords

Get more information on PPC Advertising Google AdWords with us.
Rs. 9999/-

Google Analytics

Indulge in the basic understanding of Google Analytics with BTA.
Rs. 5999/-

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the best category to market and to learn how, enroll in the Course right away.
Rs. 3999/-

Search Engine Optimization (SEO )

Planning to become a pro in Marketing, BTA proposes the best SEO course for you.
Rs. 3999/-

Online Display Advertising

Enroll in the course for further understanding and learn to create advertising for online Display.
Rs. 6999/-

Ecommerce Marketing

E Commerce marketing is an essential target. Enroll today for the course.
Rs. 2999/-

Content Marketing

Learn with us the objective of Content Marketing.
Rs. 5999/-

Online Reputation Management

Join the course for the Understanding of ORM scenario and ways to deal with criticism online.
Rs. 2999/-

AdSense & Blogging

Join us to learn cool trick to get AdSense approval by Google.
Rs. 999/-

Affiliate Marketing

Want to be a Google certified Affiliate Marketer, join our course right away for virtual as well as practical exposure.
Rs. 999/-
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