Ways to Increase Instagram followers and likes

The craze of Instagram is undoubtedly at its peak, and the main concern is to get a rapid spike in followers and likes.

Here, we are assisting you with ten ways that you can use to escalate your Instagram Algorithm.

Creation and Optimization of Profile and Bio

Give a makeover to your Profile. Create an aesthetic bio and help your followers to understand what you are all about. Mention your alignments and preferences. Give your followers a reason to follow you.


  • Create a noticeable and Searchable Username
  • Keep your Profile always public.
  • Post a profile picture that matches your other social networks, like your company logo
  • Your bio should contain amusing, actionable, and enlightening information about your brand.
  • Add all necessary links to your bio for better precision.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Posting any picture or reel requires a well-built caption along with prominent Hashtags. You want to use hashtags to tell part of your story. Be humorous, ironic, or outrageous–don’t be BORING.

And, if you use related hashtags, your posts will catch exposure to a broader audience than those who already follow you or know about your brand.

Post Amazing Content

Posting Relevant and Amazing Content can help your Business to grow. Engage in providing High-Quality Photos and interesting Captions to maintain yourself in the following book of your followers. Make your content worth double tapping.


Interlink your Social Media Profiles and Cross-promote your Instagram profile on them.

Brand your Profile so that people can presume your Business Background. (e.g., behind-the-scenes photos, sneak glances, coupons, etc.)

Connecting social accounts to your Instagram profile lets you easily syndicate your images. For example, you can post directly to Facebook/Twitter & other platforms when uploading an image to Instagram.

Share Instagram Stories and Live Videos

Instagram Stories & Live videos have been a considerable sensation since last year.

They’re engaging, entertaining, resourceful, and a great way to nurture meaningful connections with your Audience.

Brands can post BTS and Product Description bits for 24 hours that may not be as graceful as a published photo but give your brand more personality on the platform.

Ask Questions to Your Insta Fam

Asking Questions is the best way to keep your Audience Engaged.

Tip: To increase your likes from your followers, ask them a question in your Caption and let them tell you their answers in the comment box.

You can also keep your Followers entertained by posting questions on your story. 

Create Contests for your followers

Running an Instagram contest is an exciting way to promote your Business on Instagram. It is also one of the easiest ways to gain exposure and earn Instagram likes & followers.

To enter the contest, you can ask people to follow your account and like or comment on the photo. You can also add a User-Generated Content part to the game, where people post a picture of their own and use a specific hashtag along with following your account.

Public Interaction

Interact with your followers to create a personal touch with them. 

Go on Live interaction with your followers to show them your real identity. Let them understand you as a person, not a business or brand. 

Find the best time to Post

Instagram Algorithms are a tough nut to crack. Understand how the Instagram Marketing Strategy functions and opt for the best time to post when your reach can be as high as possible.

The best time to post on Instagram were Mondays and Thursdays at anytime between 3:00 – 4:00 pm for the time zone of your targeted Audience. 

Observe your posts and your reach for better precision.

Analyze your Instagram Observations

If you need help to gain followers or likes at your desired rate, Observe your metrics and analytics daily to work on the required grounds.