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BrewTech Academy is going to introduce to all to a whole new segment of Digital Marketing courses and help the students out there to upgrade their skills. BrewTech over the years is working as an Marketing Agency and has brewed brilliant services and now it aspires to create skilled minds. Digital Marketing is the need of the hour and requires quality resources to add up the market game.

We can evaluate the digital marketing industry based on statistics shared by PR Newswire.

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The courses are designed as per your convenience and you can either buy the entire plan or subscribe to a single course at a time as well. The courses comes with virtual training and virtual lab access.

The entire course estimates around Rs. 92,000 but as an early bird you can avail the course at whooping Rs. 60,000 Rs. 25000 only.

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Business Owners

Working Professionals

Budding Entrepreneurs

The interview round

After completing the course (all above), you will get a bonus learning where our trainers will prepare for your job interview and some HR tips.

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What students says?

Snigdha ma'am is really supportive. I got to know a little late the BrewTech is also coming up with a Training division, at the same time, Snigdha ma'am taught me many things by sharing her insights. As it was kind of tuition for me, the charges were very minimal, but yes the concept of a certificate course was not there. Actually, Snigdha ma'am helped me get certified by another company. Had I known earlier, I could have taken the course. Will sure take up some courses in the future cause her teaching style is completely different.
Amit Singh
Thank you so much Snigdha Ma’am! Your teaching skills and way of communication really helped me a lot to understand all the topics very well. It was very much insightful. You always cleared my smallest doubts! Thank you so much again!
Shreya Gupta
I'm happy to learn here to the more new things. It helps to my job place and it upgrades my skill.
Ankita Jain
Thanks to Snigdha ma'am for giving a great knowledge I appreciate your hard work
Sana Shah

BT Bites

Learning often happens in classrooms but it doesn’t have to. Use Eduflow to facilitate learning experiences no matter the context.


Ans. Digital marketing pays a very high salary! The average executive wage is between INR 2,50,000 and 5,00,000. It grows with experience and knowledge and can reach up to INR 8,00,000 to 10,00,000/-

Ans. Digital marketing is a well-paced industry growing at a rate of 25% to 30% per year. As per statistics, 5.07 billion people across the globe are using the internet today! The leading factors to generate digital marketing growth are – social media channels, online portals, and high-speed digitization
Ans. Yes, you can. All industries, small or big, are on the internet. Daily, nearly 5.6 billion google searches take place, with an average investment of $40.8 billion in one region on website development! You can save on travel costs significantly yet can cater to audiences abroad by sinking yourself comfortably in your couch.

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