About us

BTA (BrewTech Academy) is the new age learning platform that enables you to upgrade yourself into a skilled Human Resource.

About BTA

Marketing is a discipline. And digital marketing is a mindset! How? Way back in the 60s and 70s, having a b/w television or a radio at home was a communication necessity. Gradually the colour television concept grabbed the mindset of people, and just the basic product feature description penetrated the mindset of the target audience in such a way that was owning a colour TV became a status symbol.


BrewTech Academy (BTA) is the learning wing of BrewTech Marketing, where we not only aim at giving training, but at the same time we thrive at delivering the best knowledge with our students for their better placements and career ahead!


We also prepare our student get interview ready to crack-through in comparatively extremely less time.

Vision and Mission


Relentlessly delivering excellence and innovation in the world of marketing.


To provide great learning and helping students achieve greater heights


Courses are available with high quality content


Certified trainers


Years of coaching experience

Why BrewTech Academy?

Backup Classes

Concept clarity session after each chapter

Digital Marketing Certificate

Weekend batch for 2 hours

Job readiness

Theory to Practical

Our Team

Devon Lane


Courtney Henry

Assistant Professor

Jane Cooper

Assistant Professor

Esther Howard

Visual Artist

What Student’s Say

Snigdha ma'am is really supportive. I got to know a little late the BrewTech is also coming up with a Training division, at the same time, Snigdha ma'am taught me many things by sharing her insights. As it was kind of tuition for me, the charges were very minimal, but yes the concept of a certificate course was not there. Actually, Snigdha ma'am helped me get certified by another company. Had I known earlier, I could have taken the course. Will sure take up some courses in the future cause her teaching style is completely different.
Amit Singh
Thank you so much Snigdha Ma’am! Your teaching skills and way of communication really helped me a lot to understand all the topics very well. It was very much insightful. You always cleared my smallest doubts! Thank you so much again!
Shreya Gupta
I'm happy to learn here to the more new things. It helps to my job place and it upgrades my skill.
Ankita Jain
Thanks to Snigdha ma'am and all members of BrewTech for giving a great knowledge I appreciate your hard work
Sana Shah

The interview round

After completing the course (all above), you will get a bonus learning where our trainers will prepare for your job interview and some HR tips.

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